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Sunday, December 5, 2010

My mommy is really slacking with I am taking over once again!

Boy oh boy is mommy slacking on updating everyone on how I am doing, and how fast I am growing!

Well to start, I am growing very quickly, and although I might be a lot smaller then other 10 week old Golden Retriever puppies, I am one happy and healthy boy (oh and I forgot to mention SMART too)! Daddy weighed me on 11/29/10 and I am at 9 1/2 lbs!  That is almost double the size I was when I came home to mommy and daddy.  I was only 4 1/2 lbs back then. So I am getting bigger, better and STRONGER! Mommy and Daddy keep saying I am just all around an awesome puppy and character to have in our home, not my words their words (believe me they have said it like 1,000 times!).  I think Daddy is starting to come to terms that I am a Momma's boy, as I do prefer to lay on her lap any chance I get.  I hope that my other brother's and sister's have the same luck with great parents and family, because, I have to say I am spoiled rotten and loved by everyone.

Mom and Dad have been taking note that I am consistant with going to the backdoor when I need to go to the bathroom. Which means no accidents for me!!!  I have learned how to sit and shake on command, and will do it for food and also for my toys!  My brother, Jaxson, is really fun to play with, and he lets me pin him down like we are UFC fighters, and I usually win...that is if he isn't trying to get Turkey from Daddy, then he tends to let me have it. Jaxson really loves his turkey, because he doesn't let anyone get in the way between him and his turkey.

Oh and I just have to share my passion that I have for ice cubes!!!!  Mommy introduced me to them on my 3rd day home, and I just love them, and love chasing them on the hardwood floors! If I even hear Mommy and Daddy playing with ice cubes I will come running,  and be on my best behavior to get one. Mommy and Daddy also introduced me to something that is called "Thanksgiving" and had family over, and I really think I like Thanksgiving.  It seems to me that Thanksgiving is where family gets together, brings me gifts that are wrapped (by the way I loved ripping open my presents, and I really liked one of the bows on the gift and just had to wear it), play with me all day, and feed me some really yummy food.  I had a lot of yummy treats, and of course some real Turkey for the 1st was delicious!  By the time it was over I was exhausted and slept like a baby for the rest of the night! Mommy and Daddy say they are very excited for "Christmas" to come, which I have no idea what that is, but they said I am going to love it, and will be able to rip open more presents on that day (yipeeeeee!!!!), so now I am just waiting for "Christmas" to arrive, but don't know when it will be here, and I need to ask them what "Christmas" even is....

At night I have been doing really well with sleeping through the nights. I have always been pretty good with sleeping through the nights, or not crying so often, but for about a week or so I have not needed to go out in the middle of the night, and I sleep till about 6-7AM in the morning.  I think my parents are really enjoying the extra sleep, as well as I heard Mommy the other day refer to me as an "Alarm Clock".  Huh???  Well she sounded really happy about it, so I guess it is a good thing.

On this past Monday it marked me being 10 weeks old, and Daddy called Mommy while she was at work to tell her that I had just ran up the stairs and back down like I was doing it forever.  Mommy was in shock, as just the day before I would only go up 1 or two and then go back down the stairs clumsy.  What can I say, I am full of surprises, and feel I have many more tricks in my pocket to show Mommy and Daddy!

"I'm glad you are my bigger brother"

Yesterday I went to my first Introductory Kindergarden class, and Mommy and Daddy seem to very impressed by my teacher, and excited for what is to come.  Mommy said that she is 100% certain I will be an "A+" student, and will be a stud in class.  She said though that if there are any setbacks in school, that it is ok, as some things take longer to learn, and that I will eventually grasp what I am learning.  I am glad too because I don't want to let either of my parents down, and glad they are not putting too much pressure on me to succeed right away.  My real 1st Kindergarden class is next Monday, December 6th, and I can't wait!!!

Below are some pictures, enjoy!

Don't let Uncle Mike babysit...kidding.

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Tulo with a bow on from his Thanksgiving presents from family

"Let's change it to Animal Planet"

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"I love me some peanut butter!!!"

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Tulo turned 2 months as of November 20th!

Tulo turned 2 months on Saturday, and he is growing quickly!  I haven't had much time to write updates, as he keeps me on my toes a lot, and likes to run around like a wild child (but he is the cutest wild child I have ever seen!).  He is AWESOME, and keeps getting more awesome by the day.  He goes into his crate at night with no problem, and doesn't whine at all through the entire night.  He goes to bed at around 10:30 and wakes us up at about 6:15 every morning.  Not too bad, and he is really starting to make us morning people, which I have to admit, I kinda like that!  Once you let him out to go to the bathroom though it is game on!  You can try to put him back into his crate to get 15 more minutes of sleep, but he does not like that one bit!  It is as though he knows it is morning, and he knows that means play time.

Tulo is growing rather quickly, which we knew he was going to do.  I forget if Tulo mentioned to you in the last post, but he initially weighed 4.1 lbs when we took him to his 1st vet visit, and on Thursday he weighed 6.5 lbs.  I am figuring he probably has put on 2 more lbs since Thursday.  He is one happy, healthy puppy though :)

Tulo now knows how to sit and shake, and his favorite toys are the frog, Mr. Foxy, and his bully stick.  We are still trying to get him to fetch his lil tennis ball we got him, but as of now he isn't showing much of an interest right now.  

Tomorrow I am heading back to work, and although I am very thankful to be going back and making that money, I will be missing that lil guy very much.  It does help knowing though that my hubby will be here with him, and giving him tons of love!  

We are excited to have Tulo with us for his 1st Thanksgiving, and excited to be hosting Thanksgiving over at our new home with Tulo right by our side!  I have been wondering what tasty treat I should get Tulo for Thanksgiving...if anyone out there has any ideas please let me know, as I would like to spoil him a bit on that day re a nice tasty treat or two.  I do have to warn though that we are still transferring over to the food we will be feeding him on a regular basis, and his stools are still pretty that might limit us on what we should get him for Thanksgiving.

Anyways, here are a few pics from this past week, and some silly ones of my husband who decided it would be smart to crawl into Tulo's playpen while I was around (I locked him in there and he couldn't un-zip himself from the inside..hehe!)

Jaxson waiting for his meal ;)

He just finished his burrito bowl from Chipotle.,.he wishes!

Tulo getting ready for his 1st bath

"mom, you sure this isn't going to be scary?"

Getting groomed by daddy before his bath

"Brrr...daddy turn on the water!"

"Daddy, when do I get my Beggin' Strips?", "After you are done with your bath son."  "Ok."

Post bath!  What a handsome boy!

Mike trapped in the playpen, and Tulo wondering how to get inside with daddy.

Daddy trying to escape!

What a good sport!  <3

Tulo and Jaxson!

Grandpa Fagan and Tulo, he was worn out after the play session.

My baby boy growing up

Aunt Leah and Tulo playing

Mr. Foxyand Tulo having another play session

He is so handsome :)

Family picture minus Jaxson...he is camera shy, but we will work on it!